Distribution Wesel – DE

•Covered storage space: 38.000 m²
•Open storage space: 28.000 m²
•Expandable area 17 acres
•Trimodal terminal
•Pier/Cranes 790 ft. / 2 cranes
•Link to A3 and A57
•On the waterfront of the Rhine
•Direct link to switching yard station
•Unloading platform for wagons  1345 ft.
•Unloading docks 10 pcs.

Distribution Zeebrügge – BE

•Covered storage space: 10.000 m²
•Open storage space: 5.000 m²
•Multimodal terminal
•Industrial zone seaport Zeebrugge
•Unloading platform for wagons 656 ft.
•Unloading docks 12 pcs.

Distribution Gratkorn – AT

•Covered storage space: 12.500 m²
•Open storage space: 12.000 m²
•Expandable area 3,7 acres
•Multimodal terminal
•Unloading platform for wagons 430 ft.
•Unloading docks 4 pcs.


Location Wesel – DE

•Disposition Truck, train & overseas
•Planning inland water transportation
•Billing of freightcosts
•Purchasing of charges
•Centralized creation of contracts
•Conceptual design

Location Antwerpen – BE

•Disposition road traffic (Central- and
Western Europe)
•Disposition train traffic

Location Krakau – PL

•Short Sea Disposition
•Disposition road traffic (Central- and
Eastern Europe)
•Overseas documentation
•Tracking & Tracing
•Claim and complaint management